Vino Gavi il Poggio etichetta nera

This is Gavi, in all its identity and personality. Its Cortese grapes are grown in the vineyards that surround the house where I live, in Rovereto, on the hill that represents the finest expression of the Gavi crus: red soil with lots of stones, old vines and all-round exposure to the sun. Black label was my first bottle, my first label, my first wine, made just the way I like it: lots of terroir, lots of hard work in the countryside, lots of minerality and a sea of tanginess. Its straw-yellow colour is accompanied by the scent of cut grass, white flowers, medlar and yellow citrus fruits. Its creamy palate is distinguished by the thick texture of tropical fruit, a citrusy personality and the fragrance of aromatic herbs.


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Vino Gavi il Poggio etichetta nera
Gavi black label
Vino Gavi il Poggio etichetta oro
Gavi gold label
Vino Gavi Luna sul Poggio
Luna sul Poggio
Vino Gavi Sole sul Poggio
Sole sul Poggio
Vino Gavi Nuvole sul Poggio
Nuvole sul Poggio