L'Eco vino bianco frizzante il Poggio di Gavi

GRAPES: Cortese 100%
TYPE: Ancestral method sparkling wine
SOIL: Moderately deep red soils from ferrallitic clays, gravels and sands, with neutral pH and good water retention.
TERROIR: The hills to the north of Gavi. Average altitude of 330 m.
PLANTATION: Guyot training system, 4,200 vines/ha, yield 9.5 tonnes/ha, easterly-westerly exposure.
COLTIVATION: Integrated pest management, grassing in alternate rows, nutrition with manure, no leaf stripping.
HARVEST: The grapes are harvested into crates when fully ripe.
VINIFICATIOM: Soft crushing of the grapes with temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Before the sugars have been fully consumed, the wine is bottled and continues to ferment on lees in the bottle, in accordance with the ancestral method. The wine is released for sale after at least 12 months spent resting in the bottle. No disgorging takes place, leaving the wine pleasantly cloudy and hazy.
ANALYTICAL DATA: 12.5% alcohol
1.5 g/l residual sugars
5.30 g/l total acidity
SENSORY NOTES: L’ECO is a primordial bubbly, a sparkling array of veils covering a seductive body. Its opalescent yellow colour hides gentle, generous bubbles that smell of bread crust, yeast and citrus fruits. It continues, fruity and spicy, with golden delicious apple aromas intertwining with harmonies of nutmeg and white pepper. Savoury and citrusy on the palate, it is very pleasant and practically irresistible with its muscular and velvety body which captivates with every sip.
PAIRINGS: Perfect with fish and vegetable tempura, it goes well with chicken croquettes, stuffed courgette flowers, rice and pasta dishes with vegetables, rice arancini and peppers with bagna cauda. It is superb with chickpea farinata, smoked herring, rice salads, frankfurters, ricotta and gorgonzola. Try it with gourmet pizzas.