Vino Gavi Sole sul Poggio

The Cortese grapes of Sole sul Poggio are grown in the heart of the Gavi production zone, in a place called Rovereto, at an altitude of 330 metres above sea level. The name comes from its deep straw yellow colour, which evokes the sensations conveyed by the sunniest days of summer.
Sole sul Poggio is a rich and important Gavi which owes its structure to the unique properties of the Cortese grapes grown in the finest production zone, vinified with the utmost respect and aged in acacia wood barrels.
Listen to it calmly and let yourself be captivated by its scent of white flowers, which precedes the explosive taste of white fruit. What a surprise: Sole sul Poggio is the confirmation that Gavi can age for up to 10 years and compete with the world’s most important white wines for ageing.


White Wines

Vino Gavi il Poggio etichetta nera
Gavi black label
Vino Gavi il Poggio etichetta oro
Gavi gold label
Vino Gavi Luna sul Poggio
Luna sul Poggio
Vino Gavi Sole sul Poggio
Sole sul Poggio
Vino Gavi Nuvole sul Poggio
Nuvole sul Poggio