Vino Gavi Nuvole sul Poggio

Made from Cortese grapes grown in the clayey soils of a single, south-easterly exposed vineyard on the hills overlooking Novi Ligure, and trained using the Guyot technique. Those are the hills I look towards when I want to get ready for the rain, which is why it is named Nuvole, the Italian word for clouds. Nuvole is the wine of summer: crisp, clear and pure, the perfect expression of its characteristics when young. Its yellow colour is streaked with green highlights that announce fragrances of sage and marjoram, fresh aromas of lime and bergamot, distant memories of exotic yellow fruit. Every bit as perfect on the palate as it is in the nose. It also reveals hints of apple, before closing with tangy, dry, decisive and linear notes, like a shimmering blade.